Philip G - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amazing Riad, very friendly staff - would recommend 10/10 - Mar 21, 2020
Generous and nice hosts, very friendly during crazy Corona situation. Rooms are amazing, wifi was strong, very chill vibe!It is very clean and people help out with any request!It is perfect for friends, couples or people travelling alone who want to spoil themselves.« less

   FruTondel -
Would highly recommend and could think of coming back - Feb 29, 2020
A hidden gem a short walk from the souk. Nicely decorated, supercuiet and clean. The hotelmanager is very friendly and the rest of the staff is very friendly aswell. Fresh breakfast . Could think of coming back.« less

   T3772CAdanielj -
Lovely Riad that exceeded expectations - Feb 5, 2020
I liked that the Riad felt safe and secluded, it was also quiet. The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful - Raschid and Agil in particular. They were able to give recommendations on what to do in the area and provide maps – they also helped this trip which was a surprise for my wife’s 30th birthday more enjoyable and one to remember! We also met the owner Sebastien who was extremely friendly and welcoming each time we saw him.I agree that the Riad if you’re trying to find it yourself isn’t so easy to locate. However, I had read this before our visit and decided to book an airport transfer with them to avoid getting lost in a new city. The driver was waiting for us outside the terminal and when near to the Riad, we were walked us to the Riad itself. I would certainly suggest an airport transfer, alternatively, they did also say that we could make our own way and call when we arrived and someone would meet us to walk us to the Riad – with not having a local sim, I just thought the airport transfer would be best.The only drawback I can say is that the rooms weren't soundproof so early in the mornings, you could hear the cleaners/guests moving around/having breakfast which if you're trying to sleep in, you could easily be woken. I’m not sure if this is the same in other Riad’s as this was our first time staying in a Riad (so it may be a common thing?).« less

   Vicpis89 -
Amazing stay! - Dec 5, 2019
Abdel and his colleague were absolutely amazing! The Riad was clean, full of positive energy and mush more beautiful than the photos! The welcome tea and the treats was the perfect way to begin a perfect stay! The breakfast was traditional, rich and served in an amazing room of the Riad! I would definitely recommend the place!« less

   Enrico S - London, United Kingdom
Great owners, nice riad. Extremely handy for walks and souk. - Nov 18, 2019
I just came back from marrakech, at utopia's. 4 nights, 5 days.Because i was by myself and a stingy man i have chosen a rather cheap riad and the cheapest room. well, mixed results. at arrival there was no driver and i went to catch a taxi. i had no intention of waiting one second. suddenly i was grabbed outside of the cab and told "sorry sorry we were there but you did not see us". no, not true. travelers beware, moroccans are nice but they will say just about anything to mask the truth. the owner, very politely removed the driver's charge from the final bill.i was given a ground floor room and honestly i was ready to leave the morning after. i could not sleep a wink and got very grumpy. the owner came to meet me and moved me to another room. opposite mine but not next to the kitchen. problem was solved and i was thankful.i made a list of things that, if changed, could make any stay even better:1) to make sure peace and relax reigns remove any main reception's phone ringtones. maybe staff could have a cordless on them in the event they have to leave the reception2) door locks, as nice and full of character as they might be, must go! the noise they make is atrocious and would wake up the dead! honestly, they did wake me up 4 nights over 4.3) same applies to outside furniture. have felts under chairs and tables. it would appear like the all philosophy/concept of a riad was to have a central court, with a pond or swimming pool at the middle, and all rooms on it. rarely you will see outfacing windows due to culture. women were not supposed to be seen. bon..because of the design acoustics are a nightmare and any noise will sound like a bomb going off. use felts, trust me.4) i have been to morocco before, in riads. clients at arrival are always welcomed by a member of staff seated around the pool, offered a tea or a coffee. same applies here. problem is if, like me, you were given ground floor rooms you will hear just about anything is said. move arrivals chat into little reception next to reception.5) early departures, same room. to have people at 5am in front of my room talking and listening to music was not a great idea.6) cable tv didnt work half the time. signal comes and goes, not good. i know africa, i am married to a west african woman. telecom is bad all over the continent BUT, if you pay, you can get a better signal. and a stable one.7) check more often remote controls (typical mistake made even by 5 star hotels).one of mine wasn't working and i had to ask for new batteries8) i have chosen the wrong time to go to morocco, obviously. it was cold! i was given a portable heater, pity it did almost nothing and room remained cold.i spent £300, including two suppers i had at the riad. after trying some of the best restaurants in town (at Maison arabe i ate beautifully and wrongly charged 700 Dirham once!!) i was tired of adventure and settled for a very good tajine, twice.staff delicious. polite, mostly speak english. i speak french but i noticed maybe my french wasn't too good and they switched to english.will i go back? honestly, marrakech has 1200 riads..i like to change.« less