peted690 - Lytham St Anne's, United Kingdom
Lovely villa in beautiful surroundings but well off the beaten track ! - Oct 29, 2018
We had a very nice week here in our rooftop turret room. The food was good - although the breakfast was a bit repetitive - tea/coffee, breads, jam and gorgeous freshly squeezed orange juice. Lovely heated pool - when we were there the Hammam/spa appeared to be out of use.Although we managed to find it in the dark , the last three miles or so are along a dusty stony track down the side of an irrigation canal and it is dotted with random large lumps of concrete and barely marked storm drains - quite a challenge even in the daylight The Sunday lunch buffet was good as were the two tagines we had one evening. Almost essential to have a hire car if you want to eat elsewhere,explore the area or go into the city but lots to see if you do. It may be a bit daunting if you don't speak French (all the other guests during our stay were French as well the owner Serge) or Arabic but everyone was very friendly - special thanks to Abdou .« less

   carlie r - London, United Kingdom
Held against our will. Please do not stay here, this place is a hell hole. - Jul 10, 2012
I came here with my Mum for a girly weekend in April 2012 and from the moment we arrived we felt really uncomfortable. We were left standing in the entrance hall by a make shift reception desk for about 15 minutes before we saw a member of staff. We were not greeted in any way. We walked up a flight of stairs which was literally crumbling away. There was rubble everywhere. We got to our room only to be greeted with 2 mattresses on the floor and a lump of what I assume was animal faeces next to a bar of soap. The manager finally arrived after us waiting for a further 45 minutes and we tried to explain the situation. We didn’t seem to be getting anywhere and despite already paying in full through a holiday website prior to arriving we decided to leave and find somewhere else. We explained that we wasn’t going to stay and the Manager went ballistic. He demanded that we hand over our Passports and that we pay despite us showing him the confirmation that we had already paid. My Mum and I felt really scared and didn’t want to wait in the grounds of the hotel for a taxi so we dragged our suitcases and began to walk out but was stopped by 3 men who locked the gate and wouldn’t let us out. This continued for about an hour during which time my Mum had called the British Embassy who was going to try and send a taxi to us. When the Taxi came the men wouldn’t open the gate and there was no way of us getting out. The taxi drove off. The men proceeded to shout at us in French and broken English the entire time. There were 2 other male guests in the hotel who didn’t speak English and seemed to be friends with the owners who didn’t help us. Eventually another guest turned up at the hotel and they had to open the gates so we pushed past the men and through the gate. This was a horrific start to our holiday. The staff are rude and aggressive and the place itself is filthy and looks like it’s about to fall down. I really couldn’t discourage anyone thinking of staying here enough.« less