Hounslea - Manchester, United Kingdom
Do not book - Oct 16, 2018
Arrived at 11.30 in the evening to be told we did not have a booking. My daughter had planned this trip in January and booked with the flights through EasyJet. Spoke to Abdul the night porter who was very helpful but there was no room for us. He said this had happened quite a few times over the last few weeks. We had struggled to find the Riad as the taxi driver had rung and rung to get directions but no one answered the phone. Had to rely on a random guy who took us to the Riad through the narrow streets for money. Phoned Easyjet who told us it could take hours to find alternative accommodation so my daughter went on Booking.com and e rang another Riad who had a free room. We got a call from EasyJet’s booking agent in the Philippines who said they had sent numerous emails to the Riad and had no confirmation of the booking and EasyJet’s representative said this happened the other day with the same Riad!EasyJet rang us back at 8.15 the following morning. To be fair Abdul spoke to the Riad we booked and took us half way there to meet the night porter from Riad Magda and was very helpful. Why EasyJet let 2 ladies arrive late at night at a Riad in the maze of the Medina with no confirmation amazes me. Please do not book and contact Easyjet if you have booked already. Not s good start to a planned Birthday celebration.« less

   Debs041 - Manchester, United Kingdom
Same as the previous 2 reviews! This Riad needs to be closed down immediately by the tourist board and I will be writing to them separately. We too arrived to be told there were no rooms, very late at night, in a very bad location. First of all we were ripped off by a guy who charged us around £25 to walk us through really bad dark alleys to find it! After ringing on the bell to no avail and phoning the number on the door about 4 times, a guy turned up, said the boss had cancelled our booking and their were no rooms. After being on the phone to EasyJet for 2 hours, the guy at reception took us to another riad round the corner. He said he was also waiting for other people to arrive to give them the same bad news, so he would get no sleep tonight. Incidentally, he slept on a roll out mattress on the floor. Unsurprisingly, 'the boss' wouldn't come on the phone, nor phone easyjet, and the reception guy would not let us use a landline to sort our problems. So, we will also have extra expense for the frantic phone calls. The next morning at breakfast in our alternative accommodation, we met 3 ladies from Holland who had exactly the same to them, and there were also a group of 5 boys from Italy that were turned away same time as them. PLEASE DO NOT RISK BOOKING THIS HOTEL. We are a couple of experienced travellers and this really scared us, we dread to think what would happen to a group of young girls on their own for example. We nearly went back to the airport for our own safety, as we did not know how to get out of the alleys or whether we could get a safe bed for the night. Loads of young men lurking around. Luckily, the riad round the corner had a room, and they were more than accommodating, but it could have turned out really bad. Spoilt the whole experience of Marrakech for me, and I wouldn't return as a result. Nor would I recommend it to any of my female friends, which is such a shame. And it was a special treat for my birthday too! We love travelling, rarely give bad reviews, and take places for what they are within that culture, HOWEVER, for your own safety, do not book this hotel. Book Riad Alma Mouassine if you want authentic Moroccan accommodation, but do try and arrive during the daylight hours.« less

   Monahluw - Greater London, United Kingdom
Arrived to no room and the host is pushy - Oct 8, 2018
Echoing the below review, we arrived to this Riad after a long journey to be told there was no room available as the boss had double booked rooms. It was a really horrible and stressful start to our holiday and we spend a couple of hours sitting in reception on the phone to EasyJet who tried to arrange a new hotel for us to go to (fortunately we arrived early afternoon as opposed to the dead of night). We got very lucky that a guest came down to reception whilst we were there and advised she was leaving her room one day early, so immediately we pounced and told the host to put us in that room. After a lot of faff, we got a room and were able to stay in the Riad for our holiday. However, there were many people during the week we were there that had the same issue and were not able to get a room at the Riad. Specifically the ladies below, we heard them in reception late at night and we felt so angry and awful that the Riad could just take your money for a room and not honor the booking. Also, the host is very pushy, constantly asking you to book excursions with him and have dinner at the hotel, eventually, we gave in and had dinner at the hotel on our last night, and the price was extortionate! The room itself was comfortable and breakfast was fine, but the stress of us and other guests gets this Riad 1 star...not ok.« less

   kerry w - Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Apalling!!!!! - Oct 3, 2018
The owner of this riad purposefully double books rooms. This riad is down some quite scary back streets and arriving late at night is extremely daunting especially for 2 women. There are men following you down alleys insisting they can help you find your way, this can be very scary. When we arrived at the riad there was an overwhelming sense of relief that we were safe inside, to be immediately told that we couldn't stay as our room had been double booked (apparently this had happened 5 nights in a row). While I am sure the riad and the back streets are more charming in the light of day, the fact that the only help they would offer was a corner filled with what I assume is the sunbed cushions to sleep in was totally unacceptable. I would avoid this riad if you want to ensure your booking is secure and will be honoured.« less

   alexanderj224 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Cool place, good location, but pushy host - Aug 8, 2018
My girlfriend and I stayed here for 5 days. The riad has a cool design. The location is alright, it's in the Medina but located in a weird smelly alley. The breakfast was good. The room was good. However, every day the host asked us if we wanted to book dinner or an excursion with him. We wanted to eat in the city and the excursions he offered were not as desirable to us as the ones we could find online. He would get very sad when we didn't book dinner at the riad and when he found out we booked excursions elsewhere he got very annoyed. When the people we booked excursions with called the riad and wanted the host to tell us to go to a meeting point, we could here him argue with the chef whether he should tell us or not.. He did, but in his anger he didn't want to tell us where the meeting point was. Even though he was nice most of the time, his constant pushy behavior stressed us out quite a bit. We expected a helpful host and not a salesman. We later stayed at riad riva which was more worn down but the hosts were very nice and helpful.« less