fahadfraih - Qena, Egypt
Place of Leisure & Peace - Jan 15, 2021
“The Place of Leisure & Peace”This iconic piece of art has a lot of details. Every corner, each place within the hotel has a story to tell. I visited the two most popular hotels around here, but La Sultana is totally different place. The moment you walk out the door, you start to miss it and wanted to go back. All the stuff from the front desk tell the kitchen are amazing people. They are full of kindness and humor. I felt myself home with all means of comfort and relaxation. Anas, Abbas and Rabei are the best folks. I much appreciate all the staff at La Sultana hotel. With best regards and thanks to all :)« less

   WolfeStreetTravelcom - Alexandria, Virginia
Beautiful Luxury Riad Complex - Sep 17, 2020
We stayed at La Sultana for 3 nights, including our wedding anniversary night, over a 10-day trip in Morocco. Really beautiful complex of riads, with nice pool and pool service, as well as a beautiful roof deck. We had a Deluxe Suite, which we highly recommend, if you want private outdoor space.« less

   chriskF6805SK -
Perfect Stay - Aug 11, 2020
Only one Word „awesome“, very friendly staff....beautyful Location. Spa area Looks nice, relaxing pur, up,- to down Stairs. Approx 15 min to the Giant maket, 10 min from Airport. We will Go back soonest« less

   m0liy - Boston, Massachusetts
Absolutely gorgeous luxury riad experience with amazing service!!! - Mar 15, 2020
My husband and I booked this for 3 nights as part of our 11-day honeymoon trip to Morocco. This was the last portion of our trip, but even if we hadn't been exhausted and ready for pampering, we would have absolutely loved this place. It's gorgeous - every turn led to another courtyard or pool or lounging area that was decked out in colorful tiles, tropical plants, and stunning views. It's made up of separate riads all connected together, and each had their own unique but beautiful decor. The rooftop deck had amazing views of the Kotoubia mosque and the Saadian tombs, in addition to a pool, lots of lounging space, dining space, and a really nice kitchen for cooking classes that we were very sad to have missed. The service is exceptional - they decorated our room and gave us champagne since it was our honeymoon, and the concierge was sincerely excited to show us the room. They anticipated our every need, and gave great recommendations on where to visit, how to not get scammed and save money. When you check in they give you a list of daily hotel-sponsored activities, which included everything from a group run through the medina to happy hour at a rooftop bar. Dinner by the larger pool was accompanied by live music, beautiful view, and was very very delicious. As opposed to some of the other (also luxury) riads we stayed at, it truly felt like we had all the amenities we would in a luxury hotel in the US. With some of the other riads, it was helpful to read other reviews about which rooms were best, but I agree with many of the posts here about La Sultana - I'm sure there is no room that isn't exceptional. We were in the leopard room, which was enormous with sitting space, a desk, a bathroom separated by an ornate door with a giant closet, tub, shower, etc. We also had a hammam and massage which were absolutely amazing - highly recommend. This place is perfect and I could have stayed there for another week, and I can't recommend it more if it fits in your budget!« less

   955h_kank - Stockholm, Sweden
Top quality in all aspects - Mar 13, 2020
Lovely place with so many nice details as you explore the hotel and what has to offer. Top notch style. Perfect location, a real oasis next to busy streets. Great roof top relax and eating, very, very, friendly staff. Excellent service and great advise where to go and what to see in Marrakech and around. The food was excellent. As I write this I get the feeling of wanting to go back there again. The one and only negative was that I think think breakfast should have been included wiith that hight price for the room.« less