nomiyo - miamibeach
WARNING, STAY AWAY. - Jun 20, 2019
While the aesthetic appearance is quite lovely, the Riad is within the walls of the old Médina and is in poor condition. There was substantial mold, rotting walls, bugs and foul odor in the room we stayed in. My children were stuffed up and sneezing the entire 4 days we spent there due to the heavy mold in the walls. Be very careful with the owner, she set me up with a “guide” who took me into the Médina only to get swindled and collect large commissions while it was supposed to be a tour of Fes. I trusted her and the guide she provided. I was robbed by these people. I wouldn’t be surprised if she also cashed in. The woman Benafoor promised childcare as stated on website during my overpriced massage and hamman treatment and did not deliver, so I had my 5 year old in massage room during my treatment. The website says 60 euro for massage/hamman, she charged me 70. Most importantly I spent nearly 5000 dirham in 3 days here, which by Moroccan standards is quite a lot. I squared my balance the morning of checkout paying her in full and in cash because like many other primitive establishments in Fes, no credit card machines. The real reason is to cheat people so they have no recourse. Buyer beware.She apparently left off a 300 dirham meal when calculating my final bill unbeknownst to me. My 2 young children and I then left for Marrakech in a taxi she called for us which was also 4 times the price. She had him and 3 other men hold us hostage in the cab on the side of the road until she could arrive to collect this balance, which I had no idea what was going on. After 45 minutes she shows up screaming and ballistic calling me names and demanding money. I was in tears with my 2 little ones asking for police. Her men chased the police away when they finally showed up before I could get to them. I spent substantial money there including generous tips and the woman went to this extreme to collect 30 lousy dollars. I imagine with her deteriorating road in shambles, money is tight, but to attack a woman with 2 children seems desperate.412jaafarb, Gérant at Riad Arabesque, responded to this review Grand bonjour de L'ARABESQUE ,Si le trip TripAdvisor a pris la peine d'effacer la réponse du riad , il doit aussi effacer cet avis , tout ce qui a été dit de la part de cette cliente n'est pas vrai . elle n'a pas voulu payer la facture du dernier dîner . elle se venge en écrivant dans tous les sites .. Avant de voyager , elle l'a dit , je vous salirai . si cette femme a payé une facture de 5000 Dhs , elle n'a qu'à envoyer une copie au TripAdvisor . c'est une femme qui a craché sur le visage de la responsable devant 4 témoins . Le chauffeur n'a pas voulu l’accompagner parce qu’il a vu qu'elle n'a pas n'a pas voulu honoré la facture . il lui a dit de le payer au départ . ce n'est plus un avis c'est un chantage , un harcèlement . SI je paye , j'écris des méchancetés . « less

   Robert P - Perth, Australia
Fabulous Building, Interesting Rooms, Terrible Service - May 2, 2019
This Riad in Fes is in a quite beautiful building with lovely views over the old Medina. Our room was at the top of a steep flight of stairs and comprised three rooms, including the bathroom, which was down four steps and quite rustic. The room was comfortable and wifi was okay. The service here is akin to Fawlty Towers, though. Nice people, but...« less

   Sheryl A - Dallas, Texas
Riad Arabesque has potential, but a far cry from it today........... - Apr 18, 2019
This Riad was very noisy--outside neighbors were screaming and partying at night and loud in the early morning.If you are sensitive to the morning prayers, beware you'll be awake daily at 5am~.The walls aren't well taken care of so there's gaps between the window sills and the wall so if it's cold outside the inside is very cold.The 2nd room we were in (out of 3) was damp and smelled like mildew.The manager/or owners wife was not at all customer oriented.I would stay far away from this property unless it's the last resort for a place to stay.« less

   Jann A -
A warm welcome on an unseasonably cold spell in Fes. - Feb 18, 2019
Riad Arabesque is a lovely oasis tucked on a hillside in the Fes Medina. The hotel is beautiful with a magnificent view over Fes. The main rooms are unheated though, and meals were eaten wearing many layers of clothes. We did warm up before dinner in their spacious sauna, A hammam is also on site, but there was no time. Our room was well appointed, complete with heater. Wait staff were pleasant and food was delivered warm and delicious. It would make sense to only stay at this hotel in warmer weather to be able to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces and reduce the shivering during meals.« less

   Iain S - Cobham, United Kingdom
Beautiful Hotel - But Service Needs Improving - Jan 1, 2019
We stayed for 4 nights.The hotel, for strangers travelling independently (i.e. not using a local tour) is not easy to find. It is best to ask locals for Bab Guisssa or Palais Jamie - and then seek help.The public rooms are beautiful: classic, ornate Moroccan decor but in winter (we were there in December) they are freezing. Eating breakfast required a fleece and an high-tech anorak on top of regular clothes. By dinnertime the rooms had warmed - but a fleece or jacket was still required. I would day that, beautiful as they are, the rooms are looking in need of some TLC and maintenance.Our bedroom was a reasonable size, clean with a good bed and quality linens. However the bathroom plumbing is very definitely in need of renewal and detracted from our impression of the hotel. Again the decor is showing its age (peeling paint in places). Fortunately they do provide a (much needed) electric radiator.Where the Arabesque let itself down was on organisation and service. Management was not always in evidence and, when present did not seem to be managing.The sole waiter on duty at breakfast worked very hard but his need to go outside and downstairs to bring each and every item to the table overwhelmed him as soon as more than one table was occupied. He was also at the mercy of the kitchen - which managed to give him a pot of yesterday's, stone cold, coffee to serve not once but 2 days running. Breakfast was hit-and-miss with different tables being served yogurt (or not), given butter (or not) or 2,3 or 4 different kinds of bread - sometimes stale - (or not). The daily fried egg at least was fresh and hot.We had dinner twice there. It was average quality but very expensive and marred by poor (slow, erratic) service - especially from the very rude, supercilious Head Waiter / Maitre D'. For information, alcohol / wine is available.Other aspects:- Wi-Fi available but Internet availability far from reliable. - despite the price point, towels were not changed regularly nor were the amenities (soap, shampoo) ever replaced once consumed.- hotel advertises availability of a laundry service: this was difficult to access and unreliable; we kept on having to chase for return of clothes late in the evening and some came back smelling so bad (of fried onions and rancid grease) that we couldn't wear them and had to have them re-washed later.- Reception desk rarely manned (not a problem if a manager was floating around but often they were not)- beautiful large gardens but you run the risk of being approached by a very threatening guard dog if you are stupid enough to actually go into the garden.In summary, this hotel is trading on past splendours. Pity, some basic good management could make it so much better« less