timkerr - Perth, Australia
Second times a charm. - Apr 3, 2020
Raid dar Anika was even more magical the second time.I returned to Marrakech recently and stayed again at the Enchanting Riad “Dar Anika”.the staff where superb in assisting me with any requests that I raised, from organising transport, to showing me the best cafes around the area for tagines, coffee and anything in between .The manager Lyanne (a fellow kiwi) mesmerised me with her local knowledge, warm friendly demeanour and the ability to source the purest argon oil in all of Marrakech .The riad was spotless and clean and a pleasure to relax and recharge after a exciting day spent in the city.Highly recommend staying hereDar Anika, General Manager at Riad Dar Anika, responded to this review Thanks Tim. We fondly remember your quest for just the right argan oil and are delighted to hear that you enjoyed it so much. It is, of course, distinctly Moroccan and many people love to visit the seaside city of Essaouira which is famed for their oil. Nothing is too much for us to try and source and all the products we have in our bathrooms have a hint of argan oil in them making them smell delicious and do wonders for your skin and hair. You can also buy argan oil for cooking. Maybe next time for you? Thanks so much for taking the time to write about us. We send our love and best wishes to you and your family.Lyanne and all the team at Riad Dar Anika « less

   sanreid279 -
Enchanting Riad Dar Anika - Mar 29, 2020
Absolutely the best in esthetics, service, sincerity and assistance for traveler. I recommend this jewel of a place for anyone who appreciates an intimate riad with 5-star amenities. The food was delicious, the staff was excellent and Lyanne the manager was warm, welcoming and extremely helpful. This is a place for friends hanging out, couples seeking the romantic getaway or a solo traveller at the end of a tour or seeing the sights of Marrakech. It is extremely comfortable for all travellers. The beauty of Riad Dar Anika is located within walking distance to so many of the "must-see" sights in Marrakech.Dar Anika, General Manager at Riad Dar Anika, responded to this review We deeply appreciate your review. We love guests and do not over-try to please them. We do it out of a sincere wish to show people the best of Marrakesh and to revel in their delight as they discover the gems of the city. We offer a very comfortable base, at the riad, to plan and return to for a rest after all your exploring. Life is hectic here but the gorgeous colours, textures, ceramics, architecture and genuine warmth of the locals is well worth the visit. Thank you for visiting us and we send you our warmest wishes for the future.Lyanne and all the team at Riad Dar Anika « less

   sarapanarello99 - Milan, Italy
Perfect staying - Mar 28, 2020
Beautiful staying, in particular staff has been super kind with us. I Wish to come back in Marrakech soon and I’d love to stay here again. I suggest to chose this riad for a couple trip or for a family one, all your request will be accomplished.Dar Anika, General Manager at Riad Dar Anika, responded to this review Thank you so much for your review. Our hearts are breaking for all our Italian guests and their families at this awful time of the pandemic. We send our best wishes and love to your whole country. We are centrally located and it is only a few paces to our door from a car or taxi. There is no wandering down many alleys or endless walking in the medina to get to our door or the many sightseeing venues that are near us. We are kind and caring and see it as our duty to make all our guests feel special and well taken care of. Marrakesh is busting, hustling and a little crazy at peak season but it is worth the visit to see, feel and enjoy a different culture and caring locals. Thank you for your review. We appreciate it.Lyanne and all the team at Riad Dar Anika « less

   Roam05515568818 - Wadhurst, United Kingdom
Lovely Dar Aniks - Mar 28, 2020
We had a wonderful time during our second visit. This time we brought some friends too and standards of care, cleanliness etc were all great. Hopefully we will be back in the next 12 months. Love to all the staff especially Lyanne in the mean time. Stay safe.Dar Anika, General Manager at Riad Dar Anika, responded to this review Thank you sincerely, for your review. We enjoyed your company immensely on both visits. It was great to meet your friends and to see you all having a wonderful Moroccan experience. There is always something new to visit, watch or try. Every corner has another charming sight around and photos do not do justice to the colours. We hope you are safe in these trying times and look forward to seeing you again some day soon. Look after each other.Lyanne and all the team at Riad Dar Anika « less

   jdrl - Sussex
First Class - Mar 27, 2020
Book a 6 hour tuk tuk if you have any walking problems to see the souk as it makes it easier to get around. The hotel arranged one for us with a very knowledgeable driver.Go to the Berber Touareg museum. A world class collectionDar Anika, General Manager at Riad Dar Anika, responded to this review It is great to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Life has changed considerably in the past few months but we look forward to Marrakesh returning to the charming and bustling city it normally is. There are lots of transport options and many interesting sights to visit here as you experienced. The weather is generally warm and sunny - perfect to relax on our rooftop with a book or snoozing the afternoon away. North Africa is a great destination - interesting, hospitable and different. We hope to see you again one day.Lyanne and all the team at Riad Dar Anika « less